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Hi guys, zinzino proposes a test based nutritional program based on  a fatty acid blood test simple to take at home that is then sent in the post to a Norwegian lab. 

Zinzino has developped a state of the art balance oil supplement providing omega 3,9 vit d and antioxidants , the 600000 tests taken so far shows that 95% og people are deficient in omega 3 and that 95% og them will come in fatty acid balance by taking this supplement.


Their is Great research and Great results showing the quality of the product .

Zinzino follows a network marketing model and is having within 3 weeks a prelaunch in India

I have worked as an independant distributor for zinzino  for 6 month now and has taken soon 100 test on my pasients , and the results are amazing , their payment plan is good too and the company is steady. With a huge growth.

Now that the Indian market opens it is a huge opportunity to built an independant network og partners providing test and oil supplement.

Everybody can become an independant partner og a customer and i would like to have you onboard for building a huge team of therapist or entrepreneur that wish to spread health wealth and wisdom through these products and this test based nutritional approach

looking forwards to speak tomorrow . 

balance oil presentation

Info om balance oil from doctor Ole Eide that is one of the developper of this oil

Info om ALL NATURAL  products from Zinzino

Link towards video on GLOCAL AID, the foundation zinzino supports in india

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