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Osteoapti har en plass i helsevesnet men mange lurer op hvilken? 

vi ønsker å fremstille fram Osteopatiske tankegang ,  


When i først came to Norway 15 years ago, osteopaths were not registered as authorized health care provider as part of  the Norwegian health care system, but were relegated to an undefined, unregulated and stigmatized alternativ medicine category.

I have always been baffled by it and couldn't understand the rational behind it, but as a french national in Norway the understanding of Norwegian bureaucracy, laws and regulations never felt like "a walk in the park" for me, and it isn't before i met research-advisor Anne Sofie Lofthus from Inland lillehammer university of applied sciences that i started to understand the intricate processes necessary for becoming a registered health care profession in Norway.

We first developed together a research questionnaire to assess in depths my clinical results, what my pasients had to say about the osteopathic treatments received and their progress, this research was used as a test pilot for the larger one  conducted by the Norwegian osteopathic association this summer. 

The results were overwhelming  both for my own pasients and on a national bases.


(here is this rapport)  Who seeks Norwegian osteopaths, what are the experiences and self-reported outcomes?





I wish to give a special thanks to Anne Sofie Lofthus for the work she did in developing this questionnaire with me and her work of data analyses , her dedication and valuable participation in the understanding of laws and regulations around the registration processes, clarifying for me and for many the why and hows of the current situation of the osteopathic profession in Norway.


I would like to thank the work done by Tomas Collin and his predecessors as leaders of the Norwegian Osteopathic Association

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